All of our services can be ordered “a la carte”, but we’re currently offering the following heavily discounted package deal to new customers:

Basic Indie Film Package:

$150 per 15 minutes of footage.


      -         Film Look and Film Motion
-         Final Audio Mastering
-         DVD conversion

You're basically getting the audio mastering and DVD conversion for free!

A la Carte Rates:

      -         Color Correction: $30/hour
-         Image Restoration: $40/hour (average time is about 1 hour per shot)
-         Film Look: $5/program minute
-         Film Motion: $5/program minute
-         ADR and Foley: $50/hour (minimum 1 hour studio session)
-         Noise Reduction and Distortion Reduction: $30/hour
-         Final Mixing: $30/hour
-         Audio Mastering: $40/hour
-         Custom Score: Rate Varies depending on instrumentation
-         DVD/Web conversion: free with any service!

The “a la carte” rates are general figures, and are not set in stone.  More (or less) complex jobs will have rates adjusted accordingly.  Custom packages are available; the more services you want, the cheaper everything gets!  Free estimates are provided, and will be honored regardless of how long the work actually takes.

All video and audio can be delivered on either DVD or miniDV tape.  Most projects that require intensive color correction or final audio mixing will need to be exported as OMF sequences (or Adobe Premiere projects) and saved to either a DVD or firewire/USB hard-drive.

We can convert your finished film to DVD-format mpeg2 video with AC3 sound, using the highest quality compression tools to ensure that your DVD is free of blocky artifacts or “mosquito” noise.   We can also convert your video to any web format (Windows Media, AVI, Quicktime, Real Video, DIVX, etc), preserving high quality while maintaining a small file size for optimal downloading or streaming.


Please contact us with any questions at 410-426-7926, or e-mail us at indiepostproduction@37point5.com