Itís happened to all indie filmmakers at one point.  Youíre in the editing room, and you discover that a crucial shot simply isnít working.  For example:

      -         A boom or light-stand is in the shot. 
-         The lead actor has a blemish that wasnít touched up on set. 
-         The focus was a little soft. 
-         The camera was too shaky. 
-         You shot with too much gain and the footage is overly grainy. 
-         Your green screen was unevenly lit.
-         You used a logo or image that you didnít have permission to use.
-         You shot on the wrong side of ďthe lineĒ and need the image flipped for proper editing continuity.

Instead of attempting the near-impossible task of getting your locations, actors, and crew back together for a reshoot, why not let us fix your footage digitally?


Completely blown-out background replaced with higher-detail background.


Wire above plate removed, bolt at bottom of plate removed, and hand in left-side of frame removed.


Unevenly lit green screen fixed (along with sagging green screen at top-right of frame). Background and graphics added.


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