If you’ve shot your film on a digital camera and want it to look like film, then our “film look” mastering process is what you need.  We offer dozens of custom “looks” that can mimic the tone of various film stocks, from the bleak bleach-bypass of “Saving Private Ryan” to the greenish tinge of “The Matrix” to the desaturated brown of many 70’s exploitation films.  Any look you’ve ever seen in a film can be replicated with our mastering process.  Even if you’ve shot on a DVX100 or an XL2, our “film look” mastering process can take your footage and turn it into completely different “looks” that are simply not possible to emulate with the camera alone.

For those who have shot their films in 60i (as opposed to the native 24p that the DVX100 and the XL2 can shoot in), we also offer a 60i to 24p conversion service.  This conversion deinterlaces your video to produce footage that runs at the film rate of 24 frames per second, and which can actually be used for a frame-to-frame film-out.  Our experience has shown that the resultant footage actually appears smoother and less jerky, and even more film-like, than the aforementioned native 24p cameras. 

This process also allows us to remove most of the artifacts created by miniDV compression, including blocky “halos” around small moving objects, loss of color resolution, and stairstepping/jaggies. 

We’re also capable of performing PAL to NTSC, NTSC to PAL, or PAL to 24p conversions.

Vivid "MTV" Style Film Look (with 1.85 letterboxing)


70's Brown/Desaturated Film Look (with 1.85 letterboxing)


Two-Strip Technicolor Film Look (a la "The Black Pirate" or "The Aviator")


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