Color correction is a huge step towards making your film look professional.  Unfortunately, color correction at post houses is prohibitively expensive for indie filmmakers, and the tools included in non-linear editing programs are hard to use and inadequate for most fixes.

Professional color correction can:

      -         Fix underexposed, backlit, or other poorly shot footage.
-         Remove color tints caused by incorrect white balance.
-         Match footage between different cameras in multi-camera shoots.
-         Match shots filmed under different lighting conditions.
-         Change daylight footage into nighttime footage.
-         Tint an entire scene for a creative “look”.


Improper color cast removed, brightness on face increased (while not blowing out the ceiling any further), grain removed, and two-strip technicolor film look added.


Day for Night conversion.


Green fluorescent color cast removed.  Film look and letterboxing added.


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