The old adage that sound is 90% of everything you see is true!  An audience can usually deal with a poor-quality picture, but a bad soundtrack will have them leaving the theater or turning off their TVs in droves.  Some of the audio problems we find in independent films are:

      -         Distortion
-         Excessive hiss
-         Levels that jump from loud to quiet between scenes
-         Muddy dialogue
-         Music that overpowers the dialogue
-         Being able to hear each cut because of jumps in ambient noise
-         Using copyrighted music in the score
-         Using artificial or cheesy sounding samples in the score

We can work on your soundtrack at any stage during post-production.  We offer the following services:

      -         ADR (dialogue replacement)
-         Noise Reduction (removes rumble, hiss, hum)
-         Distortion reduction
-         Foley and Sound FX (including ambient noise overlays for disguising edits)
-         Final Mixing
-         Mastering (puts a “Hollywood Sheen” on the mix, adding crystal clear treble and chair-rattling bass)
-         Custom scoring in any musical style


(right-click on each and select "Save Target As" to save to your computer)

Hiss Removal
Before and After

Disguising Cuts with Ambient Noise
Before and After

Fixing Noisy On-Location Dialogue with Gating, Foley, and Ambient Noise
Before and After


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