Welcome to IndiePostProduction.com, providers of high-quality post production services for the independent film community.

Independent filmmakers often neglect the final, most important parts of post production: color correction, image restoration, applying a film-look, and creating a theater-quality audio mix.  Whether your final product is destined for DVD, web broadcast, film, or digital projection, each of these aspects of post-production are crucial in assuring that your film looks and sounds great no matter where it is played.

The services we offer to independent filmmakers include:

Film Look

Image Enhancement

Color Correction

Audio Mastering

We feel that it is important to offer these services to the independent film community at a cost that is within reach of a low-budget production.  Despite our low rates, our services rival what you would find in a post house that charges twenty times as much.  We also provide personalized service, and being independent filmmakers ourselves, we understand and care about the difficulties involved in producing a quality film with a limited amount of money.


Please contact us with any questions at 410-426-7926, or e-mail us at indiepostproduction@37point5.com